Making the economics of cryptoeconomics a little less hidden

About Me

I hold an AB in Economics from Princeton University and a JD and MBA from Columbia University. I started my career in economic consulting, and I currently run a boutique digital innovation studio based in NYC, where we consult for clients and do research in new technologies:

Purpose of this blog

I got interested in blockchain in 2017 when I found out about its combination of economics, law, and technology. I thought, finally! Law and economics can be directly applied in an innovative technology context! I started reading up on the foundational technology of blockchain, and also devoured white papers on new blockchain and cryptocurrency startups, mainly those with a strong economic (rather than just technical) component. As I read, however, I found that while many blockchain startups were based around token economies and creating new economic systems, the portion of their white papers devoted to how their token economy and incentive structures work were often tiny compared to the portion devoted to their technology. In fact, in many papers the economic assumptions are not even spelled out, hidden among conclusory statements and technical jargon.

I think a more thorough analysis of the economics underlying various parts of the blockchain ecosystem – token economies, ICOs, mining incentives, etc could be helpful for the entrepreneurs involved to think through their business, for ICO investors looking for solid projects, and for technical talent considering joining blockchain startups. This blog will analyze the economics of blockchain and interesting blockchain/cryptocurrency startups that I come across, speaking both theoretically and using case studies to hopefully help unmask some of the “hidden” parts of cryptoeconomics. This blog is not meant to criticize though it may be critical, and I certainly don’t pretend to be an economic oracle so don’t blame me if you pass on an ICO that then goes up 1,000x 🙂

I look forward to exploring this space together!

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